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    1. nns

    2. Altislife Change log

      'AL Public Update - 8 (v11 DevBuild)' Added 2 New Notifications from NAS system, Letting you know your data was synced and when the next NAS event will occur Added 11 More Roles to Police side Giving yous 30 Whitelisted 'Bluefor' slots now Added 23 More Roles to Medic side Giving yous 30 Whitelisted 'independent' slots now Added 20 More Roles to Civilian side Giving yous 120 Public 'Civilian' slots now Added 1 New Roles to Fire&Rescue side 'Opfor' (Not Used Yet But will be adding a fire and rescue service ) Removed Most of all the old Misleading MapMarkers Fixed The trigger for virtual item store at kavala Moved the General store next Virtual item shop
    3. Altislife Change log

      'AL Public Update - 7 (v10)' New NAS system (AutoSaves Your player data every *2*mins ) Removed Manual DataSync Button due to player data autosaving every *2* mins
    4. Altislife Change log

      'AL Public Update - 6 (v9)' fixed issues with Kavala speedbumps fixed the issue where civs couldn't purchase hatchback sports
    5. Altislife Change log

      'AL Public Update - 5 (v8.9)' Added Lootable Shipwrecks Added Player driven taxi services, Key to open taxi menu is ' Alt + T ' New Spawn screen
    6. Altislife Change log

      'AL Public Update - 4 (v8.8)' Added SpeedCameras New AdminTool 'GETID' New AdminTool 'GodMode' New AdminTool 'RepairBuiding' New AdminTool 'AdminCam' New AdminTool 'Kick'
    7. Altislife Change log

      'AL Public Update - 3 (v8.7)' Added New AdminTools Added New Civilian vehicle Textures Added New Civilian Clothing Textures Added New Police vehicle Textures Added New Police Clothing Textures Added New NHS vehicle Textures Added New NHS Clothing Textures
    8. Altislife Change log

      'AL Public Update - 2 (v8.6)' Fixed 'Battle-eye' scripts where it was kicking players. Added 'Infistar' Anti-cheat Updated Civilian Shop Prices Updated Police Shop Prices Updated NHS Shop Prices Fixed AdminTools Background Fixed Hive StatsBar Loading issue
    9. Rules Download

      Roleplaylife Rule Book LAST UPDATED: 24-JAN-2018 PDF | DOCX | TXT These are the official download links for the roleplay life rulebook
    10. Altislife Change log

      ALTISLIFE CHANGE LOG 'AL Public Update - 1 (v8.5)' Added Live Intro cam Added XP system ( 'Ctrl + T' When ingame will bring up the new XP system! 'See Guides for more info ) Added Vehicle indicators ( 'Q' = LEFT | 'E' = RIGHT | 'G' = HAZARDS ) Updated Player Hud (Moved to the right of screen, changed the look and added new health, water, and food icons ) New billboards, road signs, speedbumps, roundabouts plus more . New layout at Kavala square/strip New Hive StatsBar
    11. User warned: John Wood

      The user John Wood got warned on 12/31/17 08:01 PM by Ni1kko. Reason: Signature Violation Note for member: No note given. Note for moderators: No note given. Punishment: - Points: 1 (will never expire) - Moderatore Content: Indefinitely - Restrict from posting content: Indefinitely - Suspend from accessing the site: Indefinitely
    12. arma

    13. Rules Changelog

      Roleplaylife - Rules Changelog Links: Rules - Feedback Today is the start of our rules. Over the next few days we will be taking feedback and updating the rules further, Any changes will be entered into this change log from this day onwards so existing members can easily update themselves on any changes.