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  4. Police Leading Roles

    Command Head of the Police: CSI Stephen Allen Head of the Kavala Constabulary: N/A Head of the AthiraConstabulary: N/A Head of the Pygros Constabulary: N/A Head of the Police Academy: CI Wescott Specialized Units Head of NCA: CI Wescott Head of SC019: CSI Stephen Allen Head of NPAS: N/A Head of Border Control: CI Wescott Head of Application Team: CI Wescott
  5. Recruitment Drive

    Altis Police Force Notice There will be a recruitment drive from this day onwards until announced otherwise, by applying in this timeframe you will be fast-tracked through the training process and into the police force as soon as possible. If you have any questioned feel from to contact myself and i'll be happy to help. Kindest regards, Chief Inspector Wescott
  6. Application Status: *OPEN*

    Application Status: OPEN
  7. Application Requirements

    Joining the Altis Police The Altis Police have a certain set of requirements for you to be eligible to join, these are: You are required to be at least sixteen years old at the time of your application being submitted. You must have a working microphone. You must be able to attend a TeamSpeak interview. You must not be blacklisted from the Altis Police. Must not have been banned or warned in the last 30 days of playing on the server. Must have played on the server for at least two weeks. (In a recruitment drive this rule doesn't apply) Please note that effort must be put into this application, any applications denied will have a week cooldown before re-applying and if you re-apply early your application will be instantly denied no matter how good it is. If you have any questions regarding the application process or if you have any doubts about your eligibility click here to contact the head of recruitment and ask any questions you may have.
  8. Speed controlled zones

    1- if civs are in a police chase they can't speed up
  9. Name - What is the reason for your Police Complaint? - What happend in the situation ? - Please Provide Video Evidence of what happend? -
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  12. Forums Change log

    Forum Changes Febuary 5th Added Police Forum Groups of Each rank to command, Police, Senior Police, Police Command. Added NHS Forums Groups of each rank to command, NHS, NHS Senior, NHS Command.
  13. Forums Change log

    Forum Changes Febuary 4th Added Forum Group icons to the current Forum Groups on the Website. Added Multiple Forums Groups show on peoples Forums Profiles. Moved Currently : Viewing & Rank above Forum Group Icons.
  14. Teamspeak Changelog

    Teamspeak Update Changes 04/02/2018 Teamspeak Current Server Groups have been added Icons
  15. Altislife Change log

    'AL Public Update - 9 (v12 DevBuild)' Added Police Road Traffic Unit Uniform. Added Police Uniforms for DI,CI,SI,CSI
  16. Altislife Change log

    'AL Public Update - 8 (v11 DevBuild)' Added 2 New Notifications from NAS system, Letting you know your data was synced and when the next NAS event will occur Added 11 More Roles to Police side Giving yous 30 Whitelisted 'Bluefor' slots now Added 23 More Roles to Medic side Giving yous 30 Whitelisted 'independent' slots now Added 20 More Roles to Civilian side Giving yous 120 Public 'Civilian' slots now Added 1 New Roles to Fire&Rescue side 'Opfor' (Not Used Yet But will be adding a fire and rescue service ) Removed Most of all the old Misleading MapMarkers Fixed The trigger for virtual item store at kavala Moved the General store next Virtual item shop
  17. Altislife Change log

    'AL Public Update - 7 (v10)' New NAS system (AutoSaves Your player data every *2*mins ) Removed Manual DataSync Button due to player data autosaving every *2* mins
  18. Altislife Change log

    'AL Public Update - 6 (v9)' fixed issues with Kavala speedbumps fixed the issue where civs couldn't purchase hatchback sports
  19. Altislife Change log

    'AL Public Update - 5 (v8.9)' Added Lootable Shipwrecks Added Player driven taxi services, Key to open taxi menu is ' Alt + T ' New Spawn screen
  20. Altislife Change log

    'AL Public Update - 4 (v8.8)' Added SpeedCameras New AdminTool 'GETID' New AdminTool 'GodMode' New AdminTool 'RepairBuiding' New AdminTool 'AdminCam' New AdminTool 'Kick'
  21. Altislife Change log

    'AL Public Update - 3 (v8.7)' Added New AdminTools Added New Civilian vehicle Textures Added New Civilian Clothing Textures Added New Police vehicle Textures Added New Police Clothing Textures Added New NHS vehicle Textures Added New NHS Clothing Textures
  22. Altislife Change log

    'AL Public Update - 2 (v8.6)' Fixed 'Battle-eye' scripts where it was kicking players. Added 'Infistar' Anti-cheat Updated Civilian Shop Prices Updated Police Shop Prices Updated NHS Shop Prices Fixed AdminTools Background Fixed Hive StatsBar Loading issue
  23. Speed controlled zones

    SPEED CONTROLLED ZONES A script that restricts the speed of all vehicles within a certain area . Benefits from the script; Reducing the amount of accidental VDM A safer shopping experience A safer Role play environment in populated areas Making use of the implementation of speed-bumps making there presence a mandatory role Limits anywhere between 10-70mph on certain roads & in certain areas This could possibly allow for a fully functional traffic light systems Regarding the police and other services; To allow them top speed with sirens on, in speed zones.
  24. Rules Download

    Roleplaylife Rule Book LAST UPDATED: 24-JAN-2018 PDF | DOCX | TXT These are the official download links for the roleplay life rulebook
  25. Fire and Rescue Roles *coming soon*
  26. NHS Job application *coming soon*

    NHS Job application *coming soon*
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